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  John D

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Rakeback Guide for Beginners

Rakeback guide for beginners

What exactly is rakeback?

To be able to answer this question, you must understand that every online poker room makes its money by taking a part of the stake. The stake is the amount of money gathered in the pot after all the players make their bets. This is usually called rake and it’s taken out automatically from each stake of money. The online casinos usually take about 5% from each pot. As the term itself suggests, rakeback is the part of the rake that poker players can get back. Rakeback is a sort of reward for loyal players, but only a few know that you can get back even 60% of the rake. If you are a big fan of online poker, signing up for a rakeback is the best idea.

How can you get your hand on the rakeback money?

Well, before you can think of the rakeback money make sure you signed up for such a deal, the rest is pretty easy. Most online casinos or poker rooms add the rakeback money to the player’s account. The money will be transferred safely in your account. There are also situations when the rakeback money will be transferred to the player’s poker account.

How will you receive your rakeback money?

Well the methods pretty much depend on the online poker room you play in, its not a general rule. So, before you sign up for a rakeback, make sure you read and understood the rakeback deal really well. Each online casino or poker room will give you all the information you need to know you just have to read it carefully. Anyway, you will always receive your rakeback money the next month; for example the online casino or poker room will pay the rakeback you earned in august only in September.
Many players do not know if they can receive rakeback from a poker site where they already have an account. So, what is the answer? There are some online poker rooms that allow players to convert they existing accounts. If you are not sure if you can do that contact the site and they will give you all the information you need.

How do you make a rakeback account?

The first thing you have to do is to register yourself as a rakeback user, receive the instructions and make an account. After this you can add any deal you want to your existing account, because you will be a considered a full customer. The poker room in an overview, displays all the rakeback deals you applied for during your game. Some poker sites even allow their customers to keep a close track of the rake during a month of play.

How is the rake and rakeback calculated?

To find out how much rake money you paid in a month and how much money you will receive back as rakeback, you have to use a method called MGR (Monthly Gross Revenue). Only a few poker rooms use this formula, the majority of online poker rooms calculate it differently. They just take the total amount of rake money from all the games played in one month and divide this certain number with the number of players that participated in these poker games. Many online poker rooms include in a player’s MGR all the fees paid for the poker tournaments, and then they take out all the bonuses players could have received from the rake they have paid. What is left after all these calculations is the rakeback money you will receive back.

How long will take for the rakeback account to be activated?

If you signed up for a rakeback account and you are linked correctly to the poker site your rakeback account will be activated. This usually does not take a long time. It is actually quick and easy. In the majority of cases, rackeback accounts get activated after 48 hours. If it takes more time, it means you are not linked properly to the site. The wise thing to do is to contact the poker site and they will tell you if there really is a problem.
Is it possible for a player to have rakeback accounts at several poker rooms?
Actually this is possible and there is absolutely no problem at all. This is exactly why rakeback deals are in the advantage of the players. They can make rakeback accounts to as many online poker rooms they desire and take advantage of this offer.

Do bonuses affect the rakeback?

Generally, bonuses are known to affect the rakeback. Every bonus you get will be taken out of a player’s MGR. Bonuses are considered great thing in online poker. Great bonuses can help you increase your chances of winning more money at poker. But if you also have signed up for a rakeback bonuses are not a great idea after all.

Do poker tournament fees count towards the rakeback?

The majority of online poker rooms on the Internet today count all tournament fees towards the rake. These fees are usually included in the player’s MGR (Monthly Gross Revenue). For more information it will be advisable to contact the online poker room where you have a rakeback account and ask for all the details.

What exactly is a flat rakeback?

This kind of rakeback deal is quite interesting. Players that signed up for flat rakeback deals will receive back the same percentage of rakeback no matter how much money they paid as rake. This type of rakeback deal is offered by the majority of online poker rooms out there on the Internet.

Progressive rakeback? What’s that?

The progressive rakeback is a type of rakeback deal. The players that choose this type of deal will receive a rakeback percentage according to the amount of money paid as rake. If your amount of money paid as rake goes straight up, so will the percentage of rakeback.

When exactly will a player start earning his rakeback?

If you already have a rakeback account and you have choose carefully a rakeback deal that suits your tastes and followed all the instructions correctly, you will start earning your rakeback instantly. Always make sure that the software is installed properly, that your account is active and start playing poker, have fun. The next month the reward will be ready for you.

Is it a good idea to reject the sign up bonus and go for the rakeback?

Well, this is not a very good idea in particular. Why? Because usually sign up bonuses are paid better than the rakeback. But, sign up bonuses are received only once. Rakeback offers are on a long term. Both offers are in the advantage of players. Do not make the mistake to refuse a bonus when you sign up, because it will lower the percentage of your rakeback. Rakeback is a deal for life, designed specially to help your business in a good way.
Rakeback offers are the latest offers in the online poker world, meant to give something back to loyal customers. It is a way of online poker to attract more customers. Even if rakeback was designed because of the competition between poker rooms, it is still in the advantage of the players.
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