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Poker Glossary-Please Make it Sticky :).

Poker Glossary of the weird and wonderful terms used in Texas Holdem poker. Texas Hold 'em has a language all of it's own and hopefully this glossary will clear up any mysteries of poker language for you. It will also help you understand poker forums and poker books which tend to have a lot of poker language in them.
$5 + $0.50
Used in buy-in tournaments, in this case the $5 is the amount that you contribute to the prize pot and $0.50 is the fee charged by the site, so if there were 20 players the total prize pot would be $100, divided up between the top three or four.
The cards this player is holding statistically have a 75% chance of winning compared to the other hand or hands.
The player announces "all-in" and puts all his chips in the pot. If he is called or raised he needs to win the hand to survive, unless he is called by a player with fewer chips. In this case the opponent will win the amount of chips he called with and the player going all-in will get the difference in the amount of chips back.
A small bet required by each player before the start of each hand. The ante has the effect of boosting the pot and encouraging play.
When a player has the best hand but is beaten by an unlucky draw. It's worth remembering that poker has an element of luck, and no matter how good a player you are, any pre-flop hand can be beaten by any other hand after the flop.
Another term for an Inside Straight Draw.
The larger of the two blinds. (See the listing for "blinds" later on in the holdem poker glossary).
A starting hand of Ace Queen.
A starting hand of Ace King.
The player to the left of the dealer must post the "small blind" which is a set amount of money put into the pot at the start of each hand. The player to the left of the small blind then posts the "big blind" - normally double the small blind - into the pot. The blinds ensure that there is a pot for every hand.
Slang term for a Full House. Comes from a contraction of "Full Boat".

Contd. Due to lenght restriction::....

Source :
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Two aces in your starting hand.
A disc, usually white, that sits in front of the dealer. In the online game of course there is no actual dealing, the computer does it all but there is always a "button" shown that moves one player to the left at the start of every hand to show the nominal dealer.
To place an equivalent amount of chips to the previous player in the pot. This keeps you in the hand.
The five cards that are dealt face-up on the table. These are used by all players along with their own two cards to make the best possible 5 card hand.
You're beaten! It doesn't matter what card is turned over at the turn or river, if you're Drawing Dead it won't help you. The other guy has already won the hand.
A pair of twos in your starting hand.
An inexperienced player who will lose his chips to the waiting "sharks". (See the listing for "sharks" below in the holdem poker glossary).
The three community cards that are turned over after betting on the hole cards is complete.
A statistic of how many players in the game overall have paid to see the flop. For example if on average half the players have been in for the flop, the flop percentage would be 50%.
Where a player has four of the five cards needed to make a flush with the river card or river and turn cards still to come.
To throw your cards away and concede the hand. Any chips bet up until that point are lost.
A tournament where the entrants don't need to pay to get in, but there is normally a cash prize posted by the tournament organizer. Check out the best freeroll poker sites here.
Another term for an Inside Straight Draw.
The two cards each player is dealt face down at the start of the game. Alternative name for pocket cards.
Two Jacks in your starting hand.
Also called Belly Buster or Gut Shot straight draw. Where a player has four of the five cards needed to make a straight with the four cards not in sequence, eg 5,6,8,9. The player needs to draw a 7 to complete the straight.
A King and a Jack in your starting hand.
Two Queens in your starting hand.
Placing the minimum bet required to stay in the hand and see the next card.
The area outside the table in an online poker tournament where you can view the tournament statistics.
To throw away your cards face down so the other players can't see them.
The best possible hand that can be made with the cards showing on the table. For example if the table is showing King of hearts, King of clubs, 4 of diamonds, 5 of diamonds and 7 of diamonds, the nuts is a straight flush 4,5,6,7,8 of diamonds. Note four kings would be a great hand here but it can be beaten.
The two pocket cards are different suits, eg a club and a heart.
Means the person is the dealer.
Better known as an open-ended straight draw. Where a player has four of the five cards needed to make a straight with the four cards in sequence, eg 6,7,8,9. The player can draw either a 5 or a 10 to complete the straight.
The two cards each player is dealt face down at the start of the game. Alternative name for hole cards.
This means that you've been dealt two aces, the best possible pre-flop hand.
The total amount of money that has been bet on a hand, this is the prize for the winner of the hand.

Mainly used online, a poker tournament who's prize is entry to a higher value tournament.
This is a term used for the flop when it comes in three different suits.
Increase the betting. Fixed in limit poker but can be any amount you want in no-limit poker.
Any hand that is played for real money, the "rake" is the cut taken by the house.

Raise again after a previous player has raised.
To play as if you have a certain card in your hand, for example "Mike's representing the ace" means that he's playing as if he is holding an ace in his hand. There might have been a pair of ace's on the flop and Mike's gone all-in, giving the impression that he has an ace. Whether he actually does or not does not matter.

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The last of the 5 community cards to be dealt face-up on the table.
An experienced player who knows how to prey on the inexperienced "fish" and pick them off, relieving them of their chips. (See the listing for "fish" above in the holdem poker glossary).
Occurs when one player is all-in and is called by more than one opponent. If these opponents want to raise again, the difference in stakes is called the side pot
The smaller of the two blinds. (See the listing for "blinds" later on in the holdem poker glossary).
A pair of 8s in your starting hand.
When a player is betting in such a way to try and win the hand before the flop, usually by a big raise or going all-in.
Where a player has four of the five cards needed to make a straight with the river card or river and turn cards still to come.
The two pocket cards are both the same suit, eg both clubs or both hearts.
Matching the highest value card in the flop with one of your own to make the highest value pair on display. Can of course be beaten by a higher pair being held by another player.
Short for Triples, i.e. three of a kind such as 3 Aces.
The fourth of the 5 community cards to be dealt face-up on the table.
Being in the position where you are first to act in the hand. For example after the first round of betting and the flop has been shown, the person under the gun is the player after the dealer as the dealer is last to act. Now you've learned the poker glossary, you're ready to win!

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