A methodical and smooth casino streamer, DeuceAce brings positive vibes and a high level of entertainment to his ever-growing number of followers. With a background in finance and construction, he understands there is no reward without taking risks. So, if you want to enjoy first-rate casino streaming content, look no further – DeuceAce is the man to watch!


DeuceAce aka Jay was raised in Sweden but is actually of Polish descent. In his streams he has talked about his summer vacations in Poland when he was a child and shared some interesting anecdotes from those days. During his school years in Stockholm, he met a person that would become his life-long friend and later on inspire him to start casino streaming career – Roshtein. The two of them have been in friendly rivalry ever since elementary school. If you ever watched their shared streams, you could notice them poking fun at one another and joking around the way only true bruvs would.

Kick Starting DeuceAce Twitch Channel

The casino streaming community was able to meet Jay for the first time when he appeared as a guest on one of Roshtein’s streams. After spending some time live streaming with Roshtein and chatting with his followers, he decided to start his own casino streaming career. And at the end of August 2020 he kick started his DeuceAce channel on Twitch.


The support of Roshtein, as both a friend and casino streaming legend, meant a lot and the launch of his channel was witnessed by thousands of people. However, the main draw for all those people to follow DeuceAce’s first stream was before anything else Jay’s cool and calm demeanor, interesting and enchanting personality, and a great sense of humor. These are also the reasons why viewers keep coming back and watch his daily streams regularly. Currently, DeuceAce has 190,000+ followers on Twitch and this number is on a constant rise.


In DeuceAce’s daily streams viewers get to enjoy bonus buy tournaments, bonus hunting and opening as well as join raffles, giveaways, and many other fun events.

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