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The popular casino streaming duo Jay and Adam play ‘Either/Or’! The rules are simple – you are presented with 2 options and you have to pick one. Although the game might seem silly on the surface, it presents readers with valuable information and better insight into the lives of the DeuceAce Twitch team as well as their likes and dislikes. 

So, if you want to find out more about the famous DeuceAce streaming tandem, this is a fun and easy way to do it. 

DeuceAce Foodies

When it comes to food, Jay and Adam are on the same page for most things but not all. Although they both prefer chocolate over ice cream and meat over veggies, when it comes to burgers and tacos, Jay is more of a tacos man while Adam prefers burgers. On the subject of Mexican sauces, both are agreeing that guacamole is better than salsa. However, if you would ever go to the cinema with them, you would see that Jay would buy salty snacks while Adam has more of a sweet tooth.   

Guacamole and tomato salsa with corn nachos chips

Also, if you serve them a batch of waffles and pancakes for breakfast, they would both choose tasty and fluffy pancakes. When confronted with a choice between steak and salad, they would go for a nice and juicy steak, proving once again that they are both serious meat-lovers.  However, if they have to pick between orange and apple juice, Jay is for a more mild apple-based drink while Adam prefers a more zestier taste of an orange juice. But the most important thing is that they agree that healthy food is a better option than fast food. 

Tech & Sports 

In the still-active battle between Android and iPhone supporters, these two friends and partners are siding with a mighty iOS. Also, they both prefer using mobile devices for texting rather than calling other people. However, they part ways when they have to choose between a desktop computer and a laptop. Jay prefers desktop but Adam loves an easily portable laptop. 

Physical bitcoin and ethereum coin on white background. Blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies have been accepted by the iGaming community pretty much right from the start and there are rarely any non-crypto casinos left on the online gambling scene. Both members of the DeuceAce casino streaming channel are using crypto on daily bases for their streaming purposes. Still, even though Adam hunts his bonuses and does battles using Ethereum, he would choose Bitcoin over it and it’s the same deal with Jay. 

But that’s enough about tech! Let’s move to sports. The next choice might surprise some of you. Even though these two men come from one of the Nordic countries where pretty much every single person skis and loves it, they would much rather surf the ocean waves than conquer snowy mountains. In the other ‘Either/Or’ question where they get to choose between football and basketball, Jay revealed that he is a bigger football fan while Adam prefers watching basketball.   

Traveling in Style

Let’s dive into the moto world first. When asked to pick between car and motorcycle, Jay went for car while Adam picked motorcycle. Not that Adam’s choice is surprising, every loyal DeuceAce viewer is aware of his grand love for two-wheelers. Another unsurprising answer was when they picked tattoos over piercings. Adam has more than a few tattoos to show off but Jay’s skin is totally clean of any inked embellishments.    

With summer approaching, many people are looking forward to traveling and visiting some new or old and familiar places. However, while Adam is always ready for an action when it comes to traveling, Jay is more of a staycation type of a dude. Their answers also defer when they have to choose between visiting Italy or Spain. The land of pizza, spaghetti and wine is Jay’s choice while Adam opted for the land of tortillas, churros, and sangria. 

To make the topic of traveling a bit more fun, they were both given the choice of traveling to the past or to the future. This one got them thinking and they came up with different answers. Jay is more interested in what the future world would look like while Adam wants to go back and unlock the secrets of the past. 


This fun episode of ‘Either/Or’ revealed some likes and dislikes of a famed DeuceAce casino streaming duo. Apparently, both of them are iOS fans who love surfing, have a soft spot for juicy meat dishes and enjoy tasty sweets. However, in terms of traveling, vacationing, and some other things, they don’t exactly see eye to eye. Still, the minor differences in their tastes and lifestyles is one of the reasons they work so well together. 

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