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Right at the end of August, DeuceAce celebrated his one-year anniversary of streaming casino games on Twitch. It was an epic 16-hour long stream where there were countless unforgettable slot moments as well as plenty of giveaway raffles. The leading casino streamer Roshtein also joined in for a bit of fun since they’re close friends.

The Casino Streaming Career of DeuceAce – The Beginning

In August 2020, DeuceAce aka Jay was introduced to the world of Twitch’s gambling streams by none other than Roshtein. He decided to create his own channel and become a casino streamer. This decision turned out to be one of the best Jay had ever made as he quickly amassed thousands of viewers in just a matter of weeks.

Not sleeping on his early success, Jay worked hard to produce daily streams where he developed his own brand of charisma. As a result, his channel grew bigger and bigger: people were coming to his stream for DeuceAce and not just ‘Roshtein’s buddy’. At the moment, Jay has over 185 thousand followers on his Twitch channel.

An Amazing Stream Full of Bonuses

The only right way to start off any anniversary is with a bang: right off the bat chat was treated with a Bonus Buy Tournament then some Bonus Opening. Contributing to the excitement were some of the hottest slots such as Chilli Heat Megaways and El Paso. But eventually the tournament winner was Pragmatic Play’s Gems Bonanza, a slot that has a particularly fruitful bonus round.

Next, on to the bonus hunt: Jay opened 150 bonuses from the top quality slots on the market. Mystery Museum and Book of Shadows in particular was very well-received. Once every 25 bonuses, DeuceAce spiced things up by playing 5 hands of the Blackjack Live intermission.

There was also a brand new slot game from Nolimit City named Mental that was tried out right on stream. As Halloween was only 1 month away, the game embraced the spooky spirit, taking place in an asylum. Mental has a juicy max win of 66,666x the bet and while Jay wasn’t that lucky, he still banked $42,608 only in 10 free spins.

Giveaway Raffles

What better way to show your gratitude to your fans than doing giveaways? DeuceAce hosted dozens and dozens of giveaway raffles on Discord, featuring amazing prizes like Apple Airpods Pro, T-Shirts, Joggers, Hoodies, Mousepads, Mugs as well as a $25 bonus for Stake casino. Fans loved the idea and each raffle saw over 1,000 applicants.

Roshtein Joined In On The Stream

When DeuceAce and Roshtein’s relationship is described as a ‘friendly rivalry’ ever since grade school, you know that Roshtein had to show up for his friends’ celebration. They had a blast playing slots, messing around with each other and answering chat’s questions. Plinko was the first choice for Rosh and Jay to play together and Rosh pulled a funny prank that got chat in shambles.

When DeuceAce went to get a drink, Roshtein immediately raised the bet to $2,000 per ball. Some people might take it the wrong way and think Rosh was sabotaging his friend but it was simply because Plinko is one of Roshtein’s favorite and it had rewarded him $2 million on a $2,000 bet before. And as if in a movie, the prank turned out to net another $2 million, this time for DeuceAce!

One of DeuceAce’s Biggest Wins

The Plinko win of $2 million was without a doubt one of Jay’s heftiest in his whole streaming career. Jay was betting just $500 before even though he still landed the 130x multiplier a few times. This was not actually surprising because Plinko has a super fast pace so it was melting through his balance. 

However, Roshtein was adamant that the win would come for the $2,000 bet and they almost gave up but then a beautiful Plinko ball fell on the 1,000x multiplier. Both guys jumped out of their seats, laughing in disbelief.

Friendly Rivalry Continued

The anniversary stream saw DeuceAce and Roshtein showing off not just their friendship but also their rivalry. They decided to do a Bonus Buy Tournament and did 7 rounds on their hand-picked slots. Among all the titles, it was Rosh’s choice: 5 Lions Megaways, that gained the best winnings. In addition, the casino streaming duo did a few rounds of Roulette Live and landed a crazy $468,000 win on Evolution’s Live Roulette.

All in all, the 16-hour long stream was worth the wait with every minute filled with excitement and comedy. This stream further proved that DeuceAce is a force to be reckoned with in the casino streaming circle. Let’s all see what the talented streamer has in store for the slot community on Twitch for many more years to come.

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